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The College wishes to be recognized internationally for its excellence in teaching and research and as a leading intellectual and creative resource to the communities it serves.


The core values underpinning our activities are a commitment to:

1.      a high performance culture designed to achieve international excellence;

2.      academic freedom to encourage staff and students to engage in the open exchange of ideas and thought;

3.      continuous improvement through self-examination and external review;

4.      fostering the values of openness, honesty, tolerance, fairness, trust, and responsibility in social, moral, and academic matters;

5.      transparency in decision making and accountability; and

6.      equity and merit as the fundamental principles for the achievement of the full potential of all staff and students.

The College will be recognized by the following defining characteristics:

1.      high quality, as the pervading criterion for all our activities;

2.      comprehensive, with a broad teaching and research profile in the arts, sciences and professions;

3.      selective, within a comprehensive base, to develop particular areas of research strength and emphasis;

4.      research-intensive, with a strong teaching and research nexus across all our disciplines;

5.      internationally focused, for both the content and standards of our activities;

6.      technologically innovative, to maximize our flexibility;

7.      Responsive, to meet the needs of the community, our students and our graduates.




Thongsook policies connect the college's mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the institution's expectations of its individual members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the university's compliance with laws and regulations.

​SICKNESS AND ABSENCE POLICY                                                        STAFF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION 

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY                                                             DRESS CODE POLICY

STAFF SIGN IN POLICY                                                                           

Student Handbook 

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Thongsook College  International Programs

99/79 Borommaratchachonnani Road 

Thawi Wattana, Bangkok 10170  


 Phone:+66- (0) 2 885 1429


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