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1. Successful Applicants will need to provide a certificate showing completion of a secondary qualification. Secondary education is equivalent to a High School diploma in North America or 5 GCSE's in the UK. 

For a list of equivalent Academic qualifications by country follow this link


2. In addition, non-native speakers need to display English level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 (Academic) with no band less than 5.5 



Notes Regarding Academic Entry Requirements

• As academic course entry requirement is the minimum level of education required, documents indicating the applicant is currently studying or has completed a qualification higher than a secondary qualification, such as Vocational (Cert IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma) or Higher Education (Bachelor, Masters), in the applicant’s home country, can also be accepted as substitution for the secondary qualification. (An academic transcript indicating partial completion is sufficient).

•  All academic documents must be on official letterhead or have the institutions official logo.

•  All academic documents must be certified as true copies of the sighted originals (education agents or admissions staff dealing directly with students in person may also make this certification on copies of the sighted original documents).

•  Academic documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Please refer to our Admissions Policy and our Admissions Procedure for further information.

(TL;DR: You need to provide authentic documents that show you completed secondary education.

If you don't have them but have instead partial transcripts from a vocational, bachelors or masters program, you can submit this -  even if you didn't complete that program. 

Non-native speakers need to include the results of their English proficiency exam)

 New Applicants Applying Outside of Thailand 

Preparation For Entering Thailand

Step 1: Documents Required

- A valid Passport

- Thai Visa(If required)

Certificate of Vaccination

COVID-19 healthcare insurances while staying in Thailand with a minimum of 20,000 USD

-  Paid AQ or SHA+ Hotel reservation(1 Day)

Step 2: Register on Website Thailand Pass Registration (7 Days before you travel)

- Fill in your details and upload the required documents 

- Wait for the pre-approval of your Vaccination Certificate

- Obtain the Thailand Pass QR code

Step 3: Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 negative RT-PCR progresses any longer than 72 hours before traveling to the country.

Step 4: While Staying/Traveling Inside Thailand

- Have your Thailand Pass QR code and COVID-19 negative RT-PCR checked by officers or Hand in the documents to the officer or staff that takes the responsibility for COVID-19 screening at the arrival-departure area. 

- Pass through disease control and immigration checkpoint

- Take COVID-19 RT-PCR test at the airport

Step 4: Quarantine

- Check-in quarantine at your AQ hotel

- Proceed to your AQ/SHA+ hotel(in the case of the test and go scheme eligible countries/ territories)