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Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Thongsook College's international Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is aimed at developing qualified English language teachers at all levels. It provides new and current teachers of English the knowledge and skills needed to teach effectively and maximize language learning using the latest methods and theories.


Our courses are taught on campus and are offered during weekdays and weekends with the flexibility of attending the college during Academic semester breaks. Students are required to meet the 45 hours face to face class attendance which involves class participation, presentations, group-work, projects, in-class research, field-trips, midterm and final exams as well as a literature review research paper.  


The full course consists of 120 credits.Students are allowed to register up to 51 credits per academic year. 




This is a four-year program that can be completed in three years



The total tuition is 200,000 Baht and payments are due at the start of each semester



Bachelor of Arts

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Licensed by the Ministry of Education since 2012

Program Description



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Foundation Courses

(21 credits)

0101101 Ethics and Life

This is a look at the meaning and importance of morality. This module looks at the study of the value of morality and its varying views, such as the Buddhist morality as guidance for life and solving social situations. We will look at the past and present views of morality and how it can be developed by an individual to help live a happy life.

0101102 Eastern Western Civilization

Here we take a look at the evolution and civilizations of the eastern and western worlds and the differences in the developments of politics, society and education. We will study the events that have affected ideas, arts, history, philosophy, religion, science, music and literature in order to compare how the differing cultures have influenced life in the past and present.

0102106 Law & Society

Here we will look at legal processes, law enforcement, legal obstructions toward changes and social development. We will look at the relationship between law and social factors such as political and economic matters, family, heritage, education, sport recreation, public health and the media.

0102110 The Philosphy of Suffiency Economy

This module specifically looks at the Thai economy, its development and what effects this development has had. We will look at the reasons behind the philosophy of a sufficient economy and how it can be applied to individuals, communities, institutions and the country as a whole. This also covers a study of the royal projects.

0104101 - Human and Environment

This class is designed to help students learn how to build lesson plans.   A step-by-step guide to complete this course can be found in the Mini-Library -> 1st year -> Human and Environment

0104102 Introduction to Statistics

The principles and basic concepts of using statistics as an analysis tool for data, trends, probability, and parameters, as well as hypothetical tests for means, variable and ratios.

0104103 Introduction to Information Technology

This module covers basic knowledge of computers and information technology. This covers components and functions of hardware, software and multimedia technology. The functions of the internet how it is used for information research, as well as e-mail and word processing programs.

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(9 Credits)

Major Required Courses

(33 credits)

0701205 Teaching Reading

This module looks at the principles, procedures and required materials for teaching English reading skill to learners of English as a second language.

0701206 Teaching Writing

Here we will look at the principles, procedures and required materials for teaching English writing skills to learners of English as a second language.

0701207 Teaching Listening and Speaking

Here we will look at the principles, procedures and required materials for teaching English listening and speaking skills to learners of English as a second language.

TESOL Internship 1

The TESOL Internship 1 project is designed to give students a solid foundation on which they can develop their skills as reflective practitioners. Internship one has five stages which include an Induction, Short-field experience, Mid-assessment, Long-field experience and the Final-assessment stage.The TESOL Internship 1 project consists of 300 hour which provides students with 30 hours of introductory information and support, and involves focused workshops, training and reflection, and 270 hours of field experience teaching with guidance from a cooperating mentor and an adviser from Thongsook College.