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  • What is the total cost of the BA TESOL course?
    The total tuition is 200,000 baht. Students also pay an semester fee at the start of each semester, in addition to their tuititon. The samester fees are: semester 1 - 1,500 baht semester 2 - 1,500 baht semester 3 - 500 baht total - 3,500 baht per academic year TOTAL COST OF 3 YEARS STUDY 200,000 + (3,500* 3) = 210,500 baht TOTAL COST OF 4 YEARS STUDY 200,000 + (3,500 *4) =214,000 baht
  • Do I have to pay all of the tuition upfront?
    No. At the start of each semester you pay the tuition for the courses you are studying that semester, along with the administrative fee. Each three credit course is 5,000THB and a six credit course is 10,000THB. Students on an Education Visa need to study a minimum of 15 credits in semester one and two and the maximum number of credits one can complete is 21. Therefore the maximum you will pay in one semester is 38,800THB. That would be 7 courses at 5,000 plus the 3,800 administrative fee. The minimum you may pay is 28,800THB - 5 courses at 28,800B When you are ready to enrol you should be ready to pay the maximum of 38,800THB. Once you have registered, paid your initial fees and received your Education Visa, we can sit down and work out a payment plan that will help you easily manage your tuition fees for the remainder of your studies and ensure that you graduate in 3 or 4 years maximum.
  • Can I complete this course online?
  • Would a bachelors degree from Thailand be recognized anywhere outside of Thailand?
    Thongsook College's International Program undergraduate degrees are recognized internationally because: - The programs are accredited by the governing body, the Ministry of Education - We continue to not only maintain the standards outlined in the original contract with the MOE but we continue to improve, as is shown in the scores of our annual Internal Quality Assurance Audits which are led by the Office of Higher Education Commision. - Thailand is a member of UNESCO and abides by it's academic standards for higher education. - Our courses are taught entirely in English Therefore, as long as the college continues to maintain the standards outlined in it's curriculum, a BA degree earned at Thongsook College s equivalent to a BA earned in Canada, UK or practically any other UNESCO member country.
  • Can I get an Education Visa while I study?
    Yes, of course. Immigration requires that anyone applying for an Education Visa show course registration and tuition payment for the period they are requesting to stay. Therefore, as soon as you have completed the enrolment process you register for the upcoming semester, pay the tuition and then request your Education visa documents. Thongsook College students receive a 6 month visa if they are studying 18-21 credits in either semesters one or two, and a 90 day visa if they are studying 12-15 credits Students that are studying less than 12 credits in either semester 1 or 2, do not qualify for an Education visa.
  • How soon can I finish the course? When will I have the documents necessary to apply for a work permit in Thailand or China?
    The minimum time to earn an undergraduate degree is three years. If you start the course in Semester 1, 2018 (August 2018) and complete all your coursework in 36 months, you can submit your graduation application documents on July 31st, 2021. The graduation approval process can take up to three months so the earliest you can apply for a work permit is October 2021. There are three times a year where a student can apply for graduation; December 31st, May 31st, and July 31st. Once approved you receive your official transcripts and letter of completition from the college board. These documents are all you need to apply for a work permit in Thailand as well as continue on to many postgraduate programs. However, there is only one graduation ceremony per year and this is where you receive your graduation certificate, or diploma. This document is required to get a work permit in China and also needed for some post-graduate programs. Our job is to get you graduated and that means assisting you to your next stage with as little disruption as possible. We encourage you to sit down with one of our staff early in your studies so we can help create a realistic graduation timeline that will serve as a smooth transition to your next goal. The last thing you want happen is to reach the end of your studies only to find that you have a 10 month wait to start your postgraduate degree or, find yourself with a six month gap between your Education Visa and your Work permit.
  • Why should I enrol in your college when there is another BA TESOL that is much faster to travel to?
    After living in Bangkok for awhile there comes a time when you stop looking at the distance and start paying more attention to the orange and red blocks that signal congestion. The city of Bangkok recently completed the widening of Ratchapreuk Road, from Talat Phlu to Boromratchachonani Road. In the most congested areas an additional 4 lanes were added. What this means for our students is a drive from Bang Wa BTS to Thongsook College is often not much longer than 10 minutes. And because our students are travelling in the opposite direction of rush hour there is never congestion. Take a look at the image on the left, the two maps show the fastest trip from Lat Prao to the two BA TESOL programs on a Friday morning at 7:05am. As you can see, the trip to Thongsook is faster by 15 minutes. (Right-click to enlarge the image) Below are two more trips, the first leaves from Bangna and this time it is only five minutes longer to Thongsook College. The last example shows two trips, each leaving from the BTS station closest to a BA TESOL program and they arrive at their destination at exactly the same. Perhaps the best part of not being “centrally located” is that Thongsook College has trees. Lot’s of trees. The entire district is a protected area so what you have is a nice quiet campus with open space and lots of fresh air. As soon as your classes are over, hop in the college van and in 12 short minutes you are back in the city.* *Thongsook College offers complimentary shuttle service to and from Bangwa BTS effective August 1, 2018
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