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Graduation Timeline

Students are to make their graduation requests at the end of each semester after successfully completing all of the courses affiliated to their desired program which also includes receiving grades.  


Graduation request dates:

31st December | 31st May |31st July

The student is required to follow the following steps in order to commence the process for their graduation request.



Thongsook College recommends all students who are applying for graduation to schedule a face to face meeting 30 days prior to the application deadline date (specified above), with the administration team of the Faculty of International Programs. The meeting is designed to provide you with the support and guidance which will make a smooth transition in order for you to graduate.


Students will be advised to submit the following documents prior to the graduation request. Please note failure to submit the following documents will result in delayed graduation.

  • TB06, TB08, and Pre-Graduation Survey

  • Student application form (submission made by the International Programs Office)

  • High School certificate and transcript or equivalent qualifications

  • Tuition Fees (copy of receipts)

  • Graduation Fee

  • Photographs x 12 (passport size, blue background) - Men: White shirt & black tie / Women: White shirt or blouse.



The administration team at the Faculty of International Programs will submit all of the documents to the Department of Academic Affairs for further verification. The Department of Academic Affairs along with the Finance Officer and the Registrar’s Office will review and verify all submitted documents. Upon completing the verification process, the Academic Affairs Office will submit the graduation request to the Thongsook College Academic Board.


The Thongsook College Academic Board will review all of the submitted documents and once approved, documents will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval.


The Board of Trustees will review the submitted documents and on approval will authorize the registrar’s office to notify the Ministry of Education (MOE), and be advised to issue an official transcript and completion letter.

The official degree certificate will not be issued until such a time whereby the commencement ceremony date has been finalized.

The approximate time-frame for receiving official documentation is up to three months from the date of document submission

to the Academic Affairs office. 

Graduation Fees:

  • Graduation registration request 2000 ฿ THB

  • Official Transcript 200 ฿THB

  • Letter of program completion 100 ฿ THB

  • Graduation confirmation letter 100 ฿THB


Cancellation of Education Visa

Once approval has been received from the Thongsook College Academic Board (STEP 4) the student will be advised to cancel their Education visa within two weeks of the notice period. Please note that any penalties received by immigration for not canceling the Education Visa within the specified notice period will not be the responsibility of Thongsook College.

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