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Students obtaining an Education Visa are not entitled to semester leave, as this regulation is set forth by the Ministry of Immigration.

If students obtaining an Education Visa do require leave, they must cancel their Education Visa by exiting the country and re-entering on a tourist visa.


Semester leave of absence granted by the College is categorised as follows:

  • Medical Leave - Leave of absence supported by a medical practitioner.


  • Personal Leave - All other leave of absence for reasons such as to participate in competitions and sports, to work or start up a company, or to attend to personal matters.


For students who are not graded under the GPA system, the leave taken on personal grounds will be counted towards the student's period of candidature. To be eligible for the award of honours for their degree, non-GPA students will be required to complete their degree program within the normal period of candidature.

Students making a new application for semester leave of absence or extending their semester leave of absence are to complete and submit the Application / Extension for Semester Leave of Absence form with the relevant supporting documents to the International Programs Office.

  • Students who are applying for leave on medical grounds must also submit a doctor's letter / memo stating the period of leave recommended for their recuperation.


  • Incomplete applications without the relevant supporting documents will not be accepted.


  • For personal leave, students may be granted up to one academic year however this does not apply to students obtaining an Education Visa. Students need to submit another application at the end of the leave period if an extension of leave is required. This extension is subject to approval by the Academic Board and Program CEO/Director.


  •  The maximum cumulative period of leave of absence that can be granted to a student during the entire duration of study is one Academic year.


  • Applications for semester leave of absence needs to be submitted to the International Programs office 14 working days before the start of the examination period for each semester or latest by the last teaching week of the semester, otherwise the application will not be accepted.


  • Students are only deemed to have been granted leave of absence upon the issue of the official email of approval either by the Academic Board or CEO/Director of the program. Thongsook College reserves the right to refuse or revoke an approved leave of absence, should the student be found to have provided any information that is false or misleading.


  • Students who are not granted semester leave of absence but do not register for classes by the second teaching week and absent themselves from the College shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the College and shall have no automatic right for re-admission to the College.


  • Student should not register and take courses in the semester(s) that they are granted leave of absence. All registered courses, including Internship programs, will be dropped once the leave is approved.


For enquiries on semester leave of absence, please email: 



Students who apply for leave after the first two teaching weeks of the semester are required to pay the fees for that entire semester.


To retain the student’s name in the matriculation register, a non-refundable administrative charge of 3,800 baht for semester 1 & 2 and 1,000 baht for the Summer Semester will be levied upon approval of leave of absence (except for medical leave).

Payments for the following fees should be made to;

NOTE: the above bank account is not for tuition payments. This account is only used for students on semester leave.

Return from Semester Leave

Students should notify via email on their resumption of studies. Students are responsible to complete the following procedures in order to resume their studies:

  1. For semester leave of absence for medical reasons, students need to submit the relevant doctor's letter / memo certifying that they are fit to resume studies to the International Programs Office or via email to 


      2. Register for their courses by the scheduled registration dates for their programme of study.
          Students returning from semester leave of absence on medical reasons can only register their
          courses after they submit the doctor's letter / memo as stated in point 1.


     3. For students extending their semester leave of absence, they are to re-submit the 
         Application/Extension for Semester Leave of Absence form with the relevant supporting documents  to the International Programs Office.


Students who fail to complete the above procedures for resumption of studies or extension of semester leave of absence are liable to be deemed as withdrawn by the College after the second teaching week for the semester.

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