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Policy Statement


Thongsook College is fully committed to providing a harmonious working environment in which employees are able to maximise their full potential and to contribute to business success, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnic origin, race, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or marital status.


Thongsook College is committed to identifying and eliminating discriminatory practices, procedures and attitudes throughout the organisation.  Thongsook College believes that all employees are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect while at work and to treat others with dignity and respect also when representing the business in any capacity outside of the usual working environment.  Thongsook College expects employees to support this commitment and to assist in all possible ways.  


The aim of this policy is to prevent discrimination, provide guidance to resolve any problem should it occur and prevent recurrence.

Preventing Discrimination in Employment


Thongsook College endeavours to ensure that no employee or job applicant is discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or marital status...  This commitment applies to all the aspects of employment outlined below:


  • Recruitment and selection, including advertisements, job descriptions, interview and selection procedures.


  • Training for all staff involved in the recruitment of staff.


  • Training for all staff to ensure employees are aware of the policy and practice.


  • All training in which staff participate, will actively take account of equal opportunities issues and address any discriminatory remarks of behaviour.


  • Promotion and career development opportunities.


  • Terms and conditions of employment, and access to employment-related benefits and facilities.


  • Grievance handling and the application of disciplinary procedures.


  • Selection for redundancy.




Thongsook College will establish an ongoing monitoring and reviewing system to assess the impact of our policies and their related activities, inform on progress and take necessary action to encourage good practice and tackle any negative impact. This is set out in this policy under ‘Monitoring’.


The lead responsibility for the Equal Opportunities policy rests with the HR Manager at Thongsook College.  As part of their role and function within the organisation they are responsible for leading on recruitment, staff monitoring, development and production of relevant HR standards and review and implementation of this policy within Thongsook College.


Equal Opportunities Awareness


All employees will be informed of the Company’s expected standards of conduct in respect of equality of opportunity at the induction stage of employment.  This will outline the need for equality in the workplace, the impact that discrimination may have on fellow employees and what the consequences of derogatory conduct or remarks may include.  It will also include discussion on issues of difference that the line manager and employee need to take account of in their supervisory relationship.


Where necessary, the Company will take additional steps to ensure there is an appropriate awareness amongst employees of the effects of discriminatory behaviour.  Training our employees to implement this policy is undertaken.




Harassment is physical, verbal or non verbal behaviour which is unwanted and personally offensive to the recipient, and which causes the recipient to feel threatened, humiliated, intimidated, patronised, denigrated, bullied, distressed or harassed.

The way in which Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment will be handled


Discrimination and harassment are often complex matters, and there is no single way of dealing with every suspected or alleged instance. In some cases employees may be able to deal satisfactorily with an issue by raising it with their immediate manager.


If an employee wishes to make a formal complaint he or she should use the Thongsook College’s Grievance Procedure which is set out in the Employee Handbook.


Thongsook College will treat seriously all allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment.


If an Employee is accused of Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment


If an employee is accused of unlawful discrimination or harassment, Thongsook College will investigate the matter fully.


In the course of the investigation the employee will be given the opportunity to respond to the allegation and provide an explanation of his or her actions.


If Thongsook College concludes that no unlawful discrimination or harassment has occurred, this will be the end of the matter.


If Thongsook College concludes that the claim is false or malicious the complainant may be subject to disciplinary action.


If on the other hand Thongsook College concludes that the employee’s actions amount to unlawful discrimination or harassment he or she may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including summary dismissal for gross misconduct.


Sexual Harassment

Any claim or litigation directed against an individual employed by Thongsook College whether a professor or otherwise, should not be assumed to create any legal responsibility on Thongsook College’s part to assist any individual or any financial liability for Thongsook College on behalf of such an individual.  Claims for sexual harassment are specifically excluded from Thongsook College’s insurance policies and claims of other kinds may not necessarily be met by these insurance policies.  In such cases as sexual harassment claims, the individual concerned facing a claim should assume neither Thongsook College nor Thongsook College’s insurance policies will assist them.


All allegations of sexual harassment against any employee will be dealt with rigorously under the Disciplinary and Grievance procedure.



It is unlawful to victimize any individual who has pursued  a case, complaint or allegation of racial discrimination by; disciplining them, dismissing them, transferring them, subjecting them to any other detriment e.g. moving them into a lower paid / status job.


All allegations of victimization against any employee will be dealt with rigorously under Thongsook College’s disciplinary and Grievance procedure.

Employees’ Responsibilities

All employees have the right to work in an environment which is free from any form of harassment.  All employees have a responsibility to help ensure a working environment in which the dignity of employees is respected; employees must ensure their behaviour to colleagues, clients or and customers does not cause offence and could not in any way be considered to be harassment or victimization.  Thongsook College fully recognizes employees’ right to complain about harassment or victimization should it occur and recommends the following procedure:

Informal Complaint


Where an employee does not view the harassment as serious or where it is not repeated and the employee simply wants the behaviour to stop, they should approach the alleged harasser directly, making it clear to the person(s) harassing them that the behaviour is offensive, is not welcome and that it should be stopped.


Where the employee finds this difficult or embarrassing, they may request a member of the management team to approach the alleged harasser informally on your behalf.

Formal Complaint


The formal complaints procedure is appropriate if the employee views any harassment or victimisation to which they have been subjected as serious, if they prefer this method or if the harassment or victimisation continues after the informal procedure has been used.  All formal complaints will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially under the Thongsook College’s Grievance Procedure.


Formal complaints should be made in accordance with the Thongsook College’s Grievance Procedure.  An investigation will be conducted to clarify and formally record the nature of the complaint and the events surrounding the complaint, and will include meetings with anyone who can assist with the investigation.  During this time, every effort will be made to distance the associated parties from each other.  


If an Employee is Accused of Discrimination or Harassment or Victimisation


If an employee is accused of acting in a discriminatory manner towards a fellow employee or a job applicant, or if they are accused of harassment or victimisation, they will be given a proper opportunity to rebut the allegation as part of the investigation, and provide an explanation of their actions.


If it is concluded that there was no discrimination or harassment or victimisation, this will be the end of the matter.  If it is concluded that a false claim has been maliciously made against the employee, the person or persons responsible may be subject to disciplinary action.


If it is concluded that they have acted in a discriminatory manner, or have harassed or victimised another employee, their manager will consider what action to take.  This may range from counselling to formal disciplinary action, including dismissal in serious cases.


Equal Pay

Men and women are entitled to be paid equally without any bias on the grounds of sex and that this right is enforceable under Thai Law.

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that male and female staff receives equal pay for the same work and for work rated as equivalent and for work of equal value


We will train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability and encourage employees and applicants from all races.


Thongsook College’s Equal Opportunities policy is implemented within the separate procedures relating to recruitment of staff within the organisation. As part of Thongsook College’s commitment to Equal Opportunities recruitment practices will include a range of open recruitment methods such as the use of job centres, careers offices as well as press advertisements.

Management Responsibilities


Managers are the guardians of equality of opportunity within their areas of responsibility.  Equal Opportunities are part of the larger management responsibility of ensuring that the employment environment provides employees with motivation to do a good job.  This will be impossible to achieve if individuals feel that they are being treated unfairly.


Where problems or complaints arise, managers must take these seriously and make sure they are fully investigated and that any necessary follow-up action is taken.  This may include initiating disciplinary action against employees who have committed acts of discrimination, harassment or victimisation.




Equality of opportunity is about good and effective employment practice, and about creating an environment in which everybody can be assured that their contribution is valued.  Thongsook College will not tolerate harassment or victimisation of any kind in the working environment and will take positive action to prevent its occurrence. In this connection the Company will monitor its policies and will implement changes in order to improve them as social attitudes and legislation change. This commitment applies to all Thongsook College employment policies and procedures, not just those specifically concerned with equal opportunities.


Equal opportunities will be monitored at every stage including:


  • All elements of the recruitment and selection process; job applicants and existing employees;

  • Promotion and transfer

  • Terms and conditions of employment

  • Work life balance and sexual harassment policies

  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures

  • Resignations, redundancies and dismissals.

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