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Dress Code: Attire and Grooming Guidelines

Workplace attire and grooming must be neat, clean and appropriate for the work being performed and the setting in which the work is performed. This document shall serve as a general guideline for all staff members at Thongsook College.

Any questions about the guidelines for attire should be discussed with the department/faculty manager. Managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are aware of and adhere to the college’s dress code. 

Rule of Thumb Regarding Workplace Attire: 

Staff members should dress to the above standards and in a professional manner so that if a candid photo of them in their work setting were taken, they would be comfortable showing that photo to executives in the context of their seeking a promotion or competing for a position to advance their career prospects in their current line of work. Such a photo should create a positive impression of the employee and of Thongsook College.

Both male and female staff members are required to wear professional clothing when teaching, this includes;

Appropriate distinction shall be made between proper attire for classroom and formal affairs, relaxation, and events. Learning to use socially acceptable manners and selecting attire appropriate to specific occasions and activities are critical factors in the total educational process.

  • Long or short sleeve shirts with a tie

  • Long of short sleeve blouse with appropriate neck line

  • Sandals are permitted but flip flops are not.

  • T-shirts without a collar are not permitted on campus

  • Hair must be neat and tidy

  • Facial hair must be groomed and trimmed

  • All tattoos must be covered with clothing


Inappropriate attire will be considered: sheer or provocative garments without proper undergarments to obscure their transparency; form-fitting clothing without proper support undergarments; micro-mini dresses/skirts/shorts that do not cover enough of the thighs while standing/sitting; halter tops; midriff blouses; t-shirts bearing profane language/indecent messages, and cutout or torn jeans that reveals undergarments and/or private parts.

  • Neither males nor females shall show any visual display of underwear.

  • Neither males nor females shall wear baseball caps, stocking caps, skullcaps, sun-visors, do-rags and bandannas on campus except in for religious or cultural dress.

  • Appropriate attention must be given to personal cleanliness and good grooming including hair; to present a clean, neat, and orderly appearance representative of the Thongsook College community and the College’s values and mission.

  • Dress must be in good taste and appropriate for the occasion or setting. During special occasions (convocations, career/graduate and professional college fairs, employment opportunities, coronation, banquets, etc.) business or formal wear (shirt and tie, business suit, blazer and dress skirt/slacks, or dress/tuxedo) should be worn.


For further information, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of our team.

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