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Bachelor of 

Business Administration


         Approved by the Ministry of Education June 12th, 2017


Our Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (BBA) provides students with the necessary scientific training in the basic and applied aspects of business economy, organization and management. The faculty provides a competitive degree fully in English which will allow you to develop the professional skills needed in organizations working in global markets.


Graduates of this degree acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create, direct, assess and evaluate all types of businesses and in all of the departments (purchases, production, logistics, quality, administration, accounting, auditing, finances, human resources, sales, marketing, etc.). This degree also allows its holders to work as economists in technical economic areas of public administration. Our graduates can select and manage information, identify growth and market opportunities, allocate resources within organizations, motivate individuals and teams, align with set goals and evaluate results.


Graduates in Business Management and Administration can work in different areas within organizations, especially in those where the international dimension is of key importance. The degree in Business Management and Administration provides students with the skills needed to carry out any type of business activity, from the creation of a small business (entrepreneur) to the development of managing activities at the highest level (financial management, commercial management, controllers, human resource management, etc.).You will also acquire the skills needed for the evaluation and auditing of businesses, for banking and other financial companies (management of funds, stock markets, assessment of qualifications, etc.), as well as the preparation needed to access public administration posts related to business management (state economist, public finance, hospital management, city councils, etc.).


This is a four year degree that can be completed in three years and consists of 124 credits.



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